Recent Advances in Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic or the Key-Hole surgery has revolutionized the Surgical procedures in the 21st century. What was regarded as the most difficult technique in terms of accessibility and exposure to the organ has been simplified with the help of Three chip cameras which are attached to the 0/30 degree telescopes . These telescopes are hooked on to Medical graded Monitors/TV . The object in the surgical field is illuminated with Halogen/Zenon light and to make it even easy, the introduction of the special instruments with built in Energy sources.

The surgeon needs to go through a learning curve initially and perform several procedures in the animal lab as well as hands on workshops.

Some of the key-hole operations are available on our home page and one gets to know the steps of laparoscopic surgey. The other big advantage of this procedure is we are able to record the entire operation and review it, either make use of this to train the residents in the meeting and teaching programmes.

We can even upload the operative procedure on You-tube and use it as a media for education and propagation of knowledge.

Robotic surgery

The advent of Robotics in Surgery has taken the Laparoscopic surgery to the next level. Here the entire operation is performed by the Robot which is guided by the surgeon who controls everything by sitting on a Console and monitoring every step.The three dimensional view enables the surgeon to perform the most difficult operation which are not possible by the naked eye.

Some of the pancreatic surgery, prostatic operations and difficult Gynaecological procedures may be easily performed with the help of robotics.


Insurance Details

  • Cashless empowerment
  • Star Health Insurance
  • Reliance General Insurance
  • Raksha TPA
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  • Good Health Plan(GHPL)

Health Checkups

  • X-Ray
  • Ultrsound
  • Radiology
  • ECHO
  • ECG,Enchardiogram
  • Physiotherapy