Our Doctors

Dr V K Bellubbi

Family Physician

Dr H S Mrutyunjaya

Family Physician

Dr H S Jayaprakash

Family Physician

Dr BVR Bhat

Family Physician

Dr M Muralidhara Rao


Dr Vijayalakshmi Bhat

Obstetrician and Gynacologist

Dr Prabhakar N A


Dr B V Raghunandan


The primary consultants and partners of pmc hospital comprises of the following list of doctors.This group of doctors are the back bone of the hospital who team up to give excellent care to the patients who are more than satisfied while they go out of the centre, for the treatment they get here.

  • Dr V.K.Bellubbi, MBBS, FCGP....Renowned senior most physician actively practicing in Malleshwaram and Rajajinagar area
  • Dr H.S.Mruthunjaya, MBBS, FCGP, DNB....Prominent family physician practicing in Mahalakshmi layout and Rajajinagar area
  • Dr B.V.Radhakrishna bhat, MBBS....experienced physician practicing in Rajajinagar
  • Dr H.S.Jayaprakash, MBBS, FCGP....well known family physician practicing in Kamalanagar and Rajajinagar area
  • Dr Prabhakar N.Aganashinikar, MBBS,DSM, FN (AUSTRIA) experienced Nephrologist
  • Dr Mrs.Vijayalakshmi bhat, MBBS....senior, experienced practicing Gynaecologist & Obstetrician
  • Dr M.Muralidhara Rao, MBBS,DOMS, MS, FRCS....experienced ophthalmic surgeon
  • Dr B.V.Raghunandan, MBBS,MS, DNB ....general and laparoscopic surgeon

Apart from the partners who practice in PMC Hospital , there is a fleet of visiting consultants also whom are noted for their respective specialities.

  • Dr.B.N.Jayaram ....Cosmetic surgeon trained in the USA
  • Dr.H.R.Nandini Devi ....Gynaecologist
  • Dr.Asha deepchand Reddy ....Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
  • Dr.Ambuja ....Gynaecologist
  • Dr.B.S.Basanthi .... Gynaecologist
  • Dr.Anand Galgali .... Orthopaedics
  • Dr.Rohith Ponnanna .... Orthopaedics
  • Dr.Subramanya Rao .... ENT Oncosurgeon
  • Dr.Srinivas K .... Genral surgeon
  • Dr.Chandrashekar Rai .... General surgeon
  • Dr.Bagavan .... Vascular surgeon
  • Dr.Guruprasad .... Radiologist
  • Dr.Anil .... Radiologist
  • Dr.Prashanth hungund ..... Urologist
  • Dr.Madhusoodan .... Anaesthetist
  • Dr.Nagarathna .... Anaesthetist
  • Dr.Lalitha .... Anaesthesiologist
  • Dr.Praveen sadanand .... Anaesthetist
  • Dr.Satheesh.M.S. .... Anaesthetist
  • Dr.Jayaram Rai .... Cardiologist
  • Dr.Nagesh .... Cardiologist
  • Dr.Maheshchandra Pai .... Physician
  • Dr.Mahesh.B.P .... Paediatrician
  • Dr.Advani .... ENT
  • Dr.Javeed .... Physiotherapist