Health and Lifestyle

Health and nutrition are the fundamental building blocks of a happy life. Even if you are wealthy, if you are not healthy, peace of mind is far away from you. Stay fit, stay healthy…is mantra. As an individual or a parent one should take some steps to bring healthy ways of living life so as to remain disease free and healthy always and happy always.


Here are some health tips for healthy lifestyle and live a happy and healthy life.

  • Consume a balanced meal through the day that meets overall health requirements.
  • Use home made food and refrain from buying processed and packed food.
  • Consume more and more fruits and vegetables which gives you vitamins and mineral requirements of the body. Eating clean fruits and well-cooked vegetables is the best way to introduce health and nutrition in your life.
  • Drink more and more water. Water makes up two-thirds of the body, which acts as a solvent, carrier of nutrients, temperature regulator and body detoxifier.
  • Recognize the signals sent out by your body when you have overeaten. Overeating can spoil your entire day with discomfort in stomach and whole body. Learn and teach your kids to understand when they are full.
  • Get enough sleep. Sleep has the ability to optimize mental and physical energy and optimal levels of sleep about 8 hours a night are linked with reduced risk of chronic diseases.
  • Walk regularly. Aerobic exercise or walking is associated with a variety of benefits for the body and brain including a reducing risk of chronic diseases, anti-anxiety and mood enhancing effects.
  • Exercise strengthens body. Do some useful exercises daily which can be done at home.
  • Get plenty of sunlight. Sunlight has vitamin D. It is associated with a wide spectrum of benefits for the body including reduced risk of several forms of cancer, heart disease and osteophorosis.
  • Eat mindfully. Focus on chewing your food thoroughly.It helps us savor food and assists the digestive process.